Welcome to TecVyn

Welcome to TecVyn

Welcome to TecVynWelcome to TecVynWelcome to TecVyn

Plastic Re-Processors

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In order to produce the best results TecVyn utilises the industries leading brands. These include Buhler sortex, Herbold granulators, Pallmann Pilverizers, Oliver Dencity separator, Hammer mills and Bendera compounders 

Carbon Footprint


Reduce your carbon footprint by recycling your materials. Your material is turned into new raw material that can be re-used for manufacturing, There are lots of ways material is recycled such as melting and pelletizing.   



TecVyn recognises our obligation, as a business to society. We believe a business must recognise and minimise the economic, social and environmental impacts of their activities, and must integrate the demands of today's society into their operations. It is our commitment to sustain and exceed this obligation. 

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